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Zoning Map
This map identifies how property within the Town is zoned.  
Currently there are four zones:  Institutional, Residential 15 S, Residential 20 S, and Mobile Home.

General Building Information

Homes and Accessory Buildings - Minimum required setbacks 
Lot Front - 30 feet from front right-of-way line 
Adjoining Street - 20 feet from the adjoining street right-of-way line
Side yard - 10 feet from property line
Rear yard - 10 feet from rear property line for a house
                 - 3 feet from rear property line for an accessory building
*Please see Trent Woods Zoning Ordinance Sec 6 Dimensional requirements for more information.

Fences - Fences are required for swimming pools only.

A Flood Elevation Certificate will be required if you are building in a flood zone.

Click here for a Permit Application.

If you have any questions related to zoning, please contact Maintenance Supervisor Mike Haber, or Zoning Administrator Allison McCollum at (252) 637-9810.